Richarlison hopes to borrow from Burnley to compete for Champions League qualification.

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Richarlison, Spurs striker, hopes to recover ahead of Burnley (11 May) to continue his hopes of winning Champions League tickets next season. Even though his rivals are fighting to survive.

‘The Golden Spurs’ lost 4 matches in the league and are 7 points behind Aston Villa. The final Champions League qualifying team, with 1 less match to play. In theory, they can still overtake if they win in a row and curse Unai Eme’s team lost the remaining two games UFABET 

Therefore, until the end of the situation, Richarlison the Brazilian players did not raise the white flag. 

“The last four matches were not easy for us. The results came out and they lost in quick succession. It’s a difficult situation but there’s nothing better to do than keep your head down and keep working.’ Opening his mouth on ‘ESPN Brazil’

“The next game, as the home team, of course we still want to play in the Champions League next season. There’s still a chance left. But it’s getting harder and harder.” 

“Keep your head down and practice hard. Waiting for the next game Waiting to see what will happen at the end of the season.”

Spurs are left to face Burnley , Manchester City and Sheffield United , while Villa will face Liverpool and Crystal Palace.