Shares 4 important ingredients that we should look for when buying a body scrub.

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Exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin . It is an important step in taking care of your skin to make it smooth and radiant. and provides smoother, softer, more touching skin Choosing important ingredients in body scrubs is an important factor that will help keep the skin clean. Looking healthy is no different from choosing skin care products for your face.

Problems with deep cheek lines or wrinkles on the cheeks It is mainly caused by sagging skin. This is because the collagen and elastin under the skin deteriorate from increasing age. In most cases, cheek wrinkles will look like nasolabial folds, which are long lines from the curve of the nose to the corners of the mouth. In addition, cheek wrinkles It also comes from other motivating factors and behaviors, such as

  • UV rays from sunlight that destroys collagen and elastin in the skin
  • Expressing emotions such as smiling, laughing, crying causes the muscles in the face to move until wrinkles appear.
  • including smoking Which results in the destruction of the skin structure!

Important ingredients that we should look for when buying a body scrub :


Charcoal, or charcoal powder that has been heated to over 1,000 degrees Celsius, has been produced to have a texture that is suitable for absorbing various things. Therefore, it helps deep cleanse and reduce the size of pores , which makes the skin feel smooth. Soft and smooth When used as an ingredient in body scrubs Therefore โปรโมชั่น ufabet, it helps to detox the body’s skin by gently exfoliating dead skin cells. Including helping the pores look smaller as well.


Honey is a mixture of sugar and other compounds. Like many vitamins and minerals. It is an ingredient in body scrubs that will help make your skin glowing and bright. Looks hydrated and natural. Add moisture to prevent dry, cracked, flaky skin. Helps strengthen skin cells And ready to protect the skin from UV rays. It is also an ingredient that helps make the scrub smooth and soft, does not hurt the skin, and has a sweet scent. Helps to soothe and relax very well.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an ingredient that helps retain moisture between skin cells. To prevent moisture from escaping Makes the skin look hydrated, radiant, not dry. It also helps fade scars and dark spots, repairs damaged skin cells and gently creates new skin cells. Ready to restore and soothe skin that has been damaged by sunlight and external pollution as well. It is considered an important ingredient that will help strengthen the skin’s protective barrier.

Natural Oil

Naturally extracted oils are ingredients that should be included in body scrubs. Because it is an oil obtained from extraction from plants. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Which is more beneficial to the body than oils that come from animals. It also has many benefits that can be used to nourish the face, body, and hair. The body care oils that should be included in the body scrub that we recommend include jojoba oil , tea tree oil, and rosehip oil , etc. These oils will help nourish the skin to be moisturized, radiant, and reduce The process of dark spots and premature aging can occur.